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Wild Rice


• Wild Rice Grade 'A', Product of USA, Best Before Date: 10 January 2022

• What if you could enjoy a rice that was deliciously nutty, rich in protein, jam-packed with antioxidants, that also boosted your alkalinity, and was completely gluten and grain-free? Friends, now you can -kiss the boring brown rice goodbye and say hello to the amazing wild rice, because it totally rocks!

• Wild rice is not rice at all but a member of the grass family. It’s a native long black grain of North America and was traditionally grown “wild” in isolated lake and river bed locations. Wild rice holds its long shape with cooking and has a nutty texture. It is commonly mixed with other rices to create blends or mixed as an added ingredient to various dishes such as salads.

Some impressive health benefits:

• Wild rice is a gluten free food.

• It does not contain sodium: good news for your blood pressure and your heart.

• It does take about an hour to cook, but rewards you with a lovely nutty flavor.

• It contains twice as much protein as brown rice.

• Wild rice can be eaten by diabetics, since it is actually a grass, and the grains are not polished or refined. Of course, small quantities are recommended.

• It is very rich in antioxidants—containing up to 30 times more than white rice! Which means regular consumption of wild rice protects you from disease and ageing.

• Because of its high fiber content, wild rice keeps your digestion smooth and helps lower cholesterol.

• Wild rice is a good source of essential minerals such as phosphorus, zinc and folate, which give you energy and nurture your bones.

• Vitamins A, C and E are essential for overall health and immunity. Wild rice contains these vital vitamins.

• A serving of wild rice is lower in calories than other rice varieties, so you can enjoy it without worrying about.

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